Tower Hill Botanical Garden – Peaceful Place To Refresh Your Mind

Have you ever heard about Tower Hill Botanical Garden? For you who want to visit peaceful place, you can visit Tower Hill Botanical Garden immediately. There are so many great view can be seen in this botanical garden. Read the information below to know more about Tower Hill Botanical Garden.

What is Tower Hill Botanical Garden?

We may have visited botanical garden, but have you visited wide botanical garden? Tower Hill Botanical Garden is so wide because it is seat on 132 acres of land in Boylston, Massachusetts. No wonder if this garden looks so wide and can be visited by many people. There are so many people who want to visit this garden because there are so many plants or flowers can be seen in this botanical garden. So, it is not only a place for refreshing your mind, but it can be the place where you can learn about plants and flowers.

Talking about Tower Hill Botanical garden, this garden consists of 16 gardens. Every garden looks so exotic and interesting. When you visit this garden, you are recommended to visit every garden because every garden has uniqueness and will make you feel so fresh. The 16 gardens of Tower Hill Botanical Garden are The Apple Orchard, The Cottage Garden, The Entry Garden, The Fields of Daffodils, The Inner Park, The Lawn Garden, The Limonaia, Pliny’s Allee, The Moss Steps, The Systematic Garden, The Orangerie, The Vegetable Garden, The Secret Garden, The Winter Garden, Wildlife Refuge Pond, The Wildlife Garden, and The Court: A Garden Within Reach.

What to Do In Tower Hill Botanical Garden

Tower Hill Botanical Garden can be the destination for you and family to spend weekend. The fresh air and great view will make you enjoy your time with your family. Not only that, you can also learn about various plants and flowers. Tower Hill Botanical garden is the best place to refresh your mind. You will feel like a new one after visiting this garden.

Not only that, Tower Hill Botanical garden can be used as wedding place. From May to September, Tower Hill Botanical garden can accommodate wedding event up to 150 guests, while fromOctober to April, this garden can accommodate wedding event up to 70 guests. You can imagine how beautiful your wedding day if it is held in this garden. The plants and flower background will make you create a great memorable moment in your life.

Well, those are some information for you about Tower Hill Botanical Garden. You can use the information above as your reference. Finally, hopefully the information about Tower Hill Botanical Garden above will be useful for you.

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