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Mission Investment Fund with Chruch Building Project
Once you decided your investment goals, the time frame and your action to risk and the next step was choosing your investments that will help your goals. If you ready to invest, and you had decided that your investment fund was suitable option, and you should choose the fund that suit with your need and situation as well. Any investment advisor will tell you about their performance in the past, instead of their performance in the future, but you cannot buy a fund based on that explanation. This is easily to identify the fund that gas performed so clever, but this is not mean that you will continue to do it. Most of investors, including the professionals had invented in a fund that they considered as the bee’s knees to get stung. Well, you can join with Mission Investment Fund that provide you with different project, they are: chruch building project.

Why choosing Mission Investment Fund?

When you invest with the Mission Investment Fund, you help to enhance and improve the ministry of their chruch, even you save up for your future, this is because your money that you had invested to fund building and renovation loans for the ministries and congregations of ELCA. You investment was not only earn you with competitive rate in return but also they replacing the chruch roofs, build for new chruch, expand the classroom for Sunday school and more. They also offer you with loan option as well. Because the specialized in church building. This is also including you to plan and fund the building project and land purchasing as well as create the mission that focused on financing plan which meet with the unique need. They are also able to refinance loan with the other lenders. They will offer you with term and competitive rate. This is unlike with many commercial lending company,  Mission Investment Fund was not give your charge pout of origination fees, and only having one fee: fee for document preparation of long term loan. You will get the consultant and regional manager that will give you information about the investment.

Why you consider borrowing with Mission Investment Fund. This is because they specialized in the chruch building project that understands the unique need from the ministries and congregation as well. They provide with special ability in boiling and fundraising as well. Beside that you able to share the God’s love as well. This is the reason why Mission Investment Fund becomes different. You can visit the official site of MIF to know several essential informational and some stories to inspire as well.

This is also become a good alternate when you considered to get faith based investing. This is pursuit, and we have double responsibilities to work for benefit of poor while you provide the economy need for our churches, ministry, and family so we can enjoy the benefit share from the God. That faith based investment usually uses the three pillars, such as: screening, shareholder advocacy and socially responsible investing. However, this is depending on what you were looking for and impacting your investment gals. This because there are wide variety of investment styles and approaches that you can choose based on your preference. So, you should decide these things before you deciding for the fund data. Finding the right one which is closer with your criteria.  You should ne that the approaches that you chose were really matter in your own investment philosophy.  Ensure yourself and choose the one that work best for you and you able to afford for.

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