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    College Gardens Elementary School Review

    College Gardens Elementary School can be one of so many elementary schools which can be chosen for supporting the children future but there are some reasons which make parents should choose this elementary school. Education surely becomes the right of the children which should be fulfilled by parents. Parents of course will not choose any kind of education for their children because they usually want to provide the best education for their kids based on the value they want to plant to the children. By learning more about this elementary school, parents can make decision whether the education program offered by this school is suitable to their education value in the family or not.

    About the School

    There is a great thing which people can learn from this school. This is the first international baccalaureate primary year’s program which is authorized in the Maryland state. Primary year’s program actually is the prestigious international baccalaureate program elementary version. Through 5th grades in the HeadStart, there are about 860 students who are studying at this school. Chinese immersion program is also offered by this school for grades K through 5. If people have ever heard of Richard Montgomery Cluster of School located in Montgomery County of Maryland, College Gardens Elementary School is part of this school. After graduating from the College Garden, the students will continue their study to Julius West Middle School as well as Richard Montgomery High School.


    Before making decision for choosing the elementary school for the children, parents of course need to pay attention to the vision of the school. The elementary school will be the basis education for the students so parents need to ensure that the basis education for the students at elementary school is suitable to the value they brought. The vision of the College Gardens is for providing the learning community which is open minded as well as engaging. Every member of the elementary school will make respectful collaboration for challenging and also motivating one another in the environment which is not only safe but also nurturing.


    There is big mission which is carried by College Gardens. The school will develop as well as support the inclusive and successful environment for the students who will give active participation and assumption for their learning ownership. The staff and the community are unified so rigorous instructional program can be created for promoting the lifelong learners who are creative, reflective, confident, and globally minded in College Gardens Elementary School.

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