Best Gardens You Can Visit In Harris Country, TX

Mercer Arboretum And Botanic Gardens is one of the best places you can find in Harris Country, Texas. You can always choose this place as your vacation destination easily. The reason is you can find lot of interesting thing here. And, this will become great place, especially if you really love nature and want to enjoy many different plants and flowers. The good of all isn’t only many beautiful plants and scenery here. But, you also can enter this place for free. So, you don’t need to worry about cost and stuff. Now, what can you see in this place?

Plants and Garden

Mercer Arboretum And Botanic Gardens has many different species of trees here. On the 14.5 acres area, the owner of this place plant many different native trees. For example, you can find Dogwoods, Hawthorns and even exotic tree like Ginkgo, Tung Oil and many more. However, that was only the first group of plants that the owner plants. Later, in 1974, Harris County bought this area and develops it into 325 acres area which holds more varieties of plants. Now, you can find several different areas inside the garden. You can visit Azalea trail to find lot of beautiful flower. There is also Bald Cypress Pond and Bamboo Garden, where you can enjoy the comfortable scenery of these plants. Or, if you want to see some rare species of plant, you can go to Endangered Species Garden area. More than that, you also can find Rock Garden, Prehistoric Garden, Tropical Garden and more. There is also area that specially made for plant collection for several important people. For example, you can go to William D. Lee Iris Collection or Jake Roberts Maple Collection.

Other Facilities

Other than plant and garden, Mercer Arboretum And Botanic Gardens also has many other facilities you can enjoy. Other than the standard facilities, like restroom and walking trail, there is also picnic area. You can spend your afternoon here while enjoying the beautiful scenery of plants collection in this place. If you want more adventure, you also can do several great activities in this place. For example, you can fishing or try boat launch. There are also some scheduled events you can enjoy. Basically, if you want to get everything that you need, this is the place. You can enjoy beautiful place, relax as well as do some great thing at Mercer Arboretum And Botanic Gardens.

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